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Once your application is completed and received by the office, your child can be added to our waiting list. Our office staff contacts parents, in order of priority, as vacancies occur. 

The enrollment priorities as developed by the California Department of Education are, Students
1st Priority: 3 or 4-year-old children neglected or abused without regard to income.
2nd Priority: Eligible 4-year-old children in the following order...

1. Children who were enrolled in the State Preschool Program as a 3-year-old, without regard to income ranking.
2. Children whose families have the lowest income ranking based on the most recent income ranking schedule adopted by the State at the time of enrollment.
3. After all eligible 4-year-old children are enrolled, 3-year-old children may be enrolled based on the priorities described by State.

Families are ranked between 1-61, depending on family size and income. There maybe multiple families with the same ranking number. In this case, we follow the enrollment priorities above and when two families have the same priority we then enroll according to the date on the application.  It’s important to remember that families are served according to their income and their ranking verses “how long” their child has been on the list. This means that when a new family is added to the waiting list, if they are ranked lower than other families, they will receive anavailable space sooner. Children receiving Child protective services are ranked 1, and families receiving AFDC assistance from the county are ranked 2. These families are moved to the front of the waiting list,regardless of how long others have been waiting, according to the State’s enrollment priorities. 

We appreciate your patience as we make every effort to follow enrollment priorities and meet the child development needs of your family.

Once our office contacts you for a registration appointment, the following documentation will be required to enroll your child in our Full/Part day State Preschool, Toddler Program or Migrant Child Care programs:

- Vaccination Records – All immunizations must be up-to-date
- Birth Certificates for all children living in the home
- Proof of Street Address - (Residency) such as a PG&E bill, mortgage papers, or a Government issued documents, such as welfare papers
- Income verification – prior month’s check stub
- Divorce/Separation Documentation – Verification of child custody and child/spousal support
- Physical examination – Completed within the past year or within 30 days of enrollment
- Medical Insurance or Medi-Cal Card
- Employment Verification Form - For full day/migrant programs only, available from our office

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. (530) 822-5235.